Waterfall Chart (Bridge Chart)


With this Excel template you will be able to generate professional look Waterfall charts with only few mouse clicks.

Waterfall charts are great, especially for visually showing the contribution of parts to a whole. While there are several tutorials on how to make a waterfall chart online the process is tedious and often the end products of these tutorials rate low on the visually appealing scale. Try this template for quick and profesional waterfall top management presentation. Waterfall chart are very powerful for executive dashboard.

ok waterfall chart A template that that supports negative values ok waterfall chart A solution that allows output to be customized to your needs
waterfall chart A solution that can be used to report income or expense waterfall ok waterfall chart A solution that exports automatically the waterfall chart into Microsoft Powerpoint with only one mouse click
ok waterfall chart A solution which allows up to 26 variance points
ok waterfall chart Data input is very simple and intuitive
ok waterfall chart Sub-totals are simple to add
ok waterfall chart Data table to show absolute amount can be added with a simple click
ok waterfall chart Horizontal band can be added for visual effect improvement
ok waterfall chart Line connectors can be added for visual effect improvement

Feel free to use the link on the right to download and try the waterfall template. Please do not hesitate to revert to me with suggestions and feedbacks.

Remember that if needed, the template can be adapted to your specific reporting requirements. For this simply get in touch with me (contact).

The waterfall template make use of macros. Therefore, you must ensure you have macro enable in excel to use the template.

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